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Tap Room at Dubsdread Golf Course

Last week my family and I decided to take a Saturday and go play gold. My son (8 yrs old) has been into golf lately, and since my husband and father both play we thought " LET'S ALL GO". By "All go", I mean my husband and father and son would play golf and my mother and I would ride in the golf carts and drink wine.

After 9 holes we of course wanted to eat. The Tap Room at Dubsdread is a place we have been to a few times before. It's a lovely Golf/Country Club type tavern with all of the food you would imagine. It has a bar with TV's ( to watch golf, duh) and a full menu. We ordered wine and cocktails and some soups, appetizers and salads to get us started. Mom had french onion soup, dad had a side salad and the husband and I picked on some hummus with cold, crisp veggies and pita bread. The service was a little slow, but in their defense the place was PACKED! It was a gorgeous day and I think the entire golf community had the same idea that we did. With that said, our server was really really sweet and super attentive....OH and funny. You know how much I love funny.

Once we ordered our meals, it took a little but of time for it to arrive, but the place was beautiful and my son was quietly eating his spaghetti, so we were fine with relaxing and sipping our drinks.

I was so hungry after all of that golf cart riding as you can imagine. So, once my meal got to the table I was super excited. I love that the Tap Room offers their burgers "iceberg style", where you can get ice burg lettuce instead of a bun. Check out all of the other burgers you can get with their full menu HERE.

If you know me at all, you know I don't eat much meat and I DO love a good veggie burger. That is...if I got a "good" veggie burger. I've eaten my fair share of veggie burgers and this was wasn't my favorite. It wasn't my least favorite though either. It was a black bean burger ( which I've had many places and they usually have to have a lot of flavor added otherwise it just tastes like a bunch of mushed up beans spread on some bread) Well, the flavor was missing, but it wasn't anything that a little hot sauce couldn't make better. The heirloom tomato salad on the side was probably some of the best I've ever had with a balsamic dressing over arugula.

My husband devoured his turkey wrap and although you'd usually see a side of fries along that, we were trying to be healthy so he ordered broccoli. Broccoli is hard to do unless you roast it, otherwise you get limp, luke warm green stuff. We got the limp, luke warm green stuff.

Over all, it was pretty good for a gold course. If you are going to visit the Tap Room, I'd stick with the sandwiches. My father raves about them, and its what he gets every time they go there for their golf rounds. He recommends the turkey. Ps. It's HUGE!

Ps. The pinot grigio is your best bet after a hot day on the course, unless you like a stiff drink...then my all means go for it.

Happy Golfing.

My name is Jill...and I love wine.


3 out of 5 wine glasses



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