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Nomad Lounge in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Of course, with Disney you expect nothing but the best. With this being my 3rd or 4th time there, let me tell you...they do not disappoint. If you are running around the parks and need a rest, or maybe you just want a nice glass of wine or a cocktail and some appetizers to share with the group...this is your place.

Nomad Lounge is located in Discovery Island, so if you are headed towards or coming from Flight of Passage in Pandora, you will pass it. It's a very charismatic lounge attached to Tiffins Fine Dining Restaurant.

There is a full bar as well as couches and a community table. If you want to enjoy the beautiful view, you can sit outside on the patio and receive full service out there too. My mother and I usually choose from their extensive wine list, while my father will indulge in a gin and tonic. My husband orders cranberry and vodka with a lime and of course, shares some meats and cheeses with me.

We shared a few charcuterie platters with all sorts of yummy stuff from pate to smoked meats to pickles and flat breads. It was delicious. It was so good, we ordered two! The people next to us loved their wine and kept raving about their smoked pork ribs! Next time, we will definitely have to try those.

(Elliot enjoyed a Mickey Mouse ice cream, which is his favorite.)

Every time we go to Animal Kingdom, we keep meaning to try Tiffins, but the Nomad lounge is so great we just keep visiting there. They make it so easy to come in and take a seat and relax with some good food and drinks while you take a break from seeing all of the amazing sights of the park.

The ONLY drawback I would say, is the seating availability...but that's just because EVERYONE loves it so much. So, if you're lucky to get a seat...have at it.

If you're looking for just a quick pit stop for a beer or a tropical drink while you stroll, you can't beat the breezy outdoor bar, Dawa...located in Africa. I always get an icy cold beer because it tastes so great while you watch the amazing shows and music that happen daily right outside. It's the perfect spot to sit and relax and take in some great entertainment. You can't beat it. That's probably one of the only times I'll choose beer over wine. You know I love my wine. I just don't think it's too conducive to walk around the park with a wine glass...or maybe it is. I mean, let's face it...if anyone can pull it off's me.

My name is Jill... and I love wine.


4 1/2 out of 5 wine glasses



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