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My husband is in charge of the grill at our house. I have been known to grill some burgers and such on the grill. I've even grilled steak and succeeded quite nicely I must say. However, when it comes to ribs...that is his domain. Was it always? Funny story: The first time my husband tried to grill ribs on our new grill, they turned out black and as hard as cement. I think he figured he had to redeem himself...and that he did. I don’t know how, but he did. Now, he is now known as the rib guy in the family. From now on, when we want husband, Harold is in charge. They are meaty, juicy and not as difficult as you would think. I make all of the sides and he mans the grill for what my father calls, “The best ribs he’s ever had”. Here is how he does it.

1 large slab of pork ribs ( approx 4-5 lbs - Serves 4) We use LUCKY’S MARKET pork ribs. We find they are the meatiest. But you can use any type you like.

BBQ dry rub - You can make your own with brown sugar, paprika, onion and garlic powder, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. You can also buy a pre-made rub just make sure it’s not too high in sodium. We actually like McCormick’s Grill Mates BBQ Rub if you want to use exactly what we use.

Start prepping the ribs by removing any extra membrane from the outside of the ribs. If you use a butter knife it makes it pretty simple because the knife is nice and flat. Some of the membrane might be hard to cut through, just get off as much as you can so the marinade can absorb into the meat. If you prefer more meat to fat ratio, feel free to remove some fat if that is not your preference. If you prefer to leave more fat, then by all means leave it.

Once the ribs are prepped, coat the ribs with BBQ dry rub. (Add enough rub to coat the outside of the ribs evenly.

Once the ribs are prepped, let them sit in the fridge ( uncovered ) for 30 minutes. While they are resting, you can preheat the grill until it hits about 400. The heat will go down once you put the ribs on the grill. Ideally you want them around 350 so heat the grill to 400 to start.

When the ribs have marinated in the dry rub for 30 minutes, place them on the grill and leave them for about 25-30 min per side. The ribs will take 50-60 min to cook completely. Grill until the outside is golden brown.

Take the ribs off the grill, cover them loosely with foil and let them rest for about 20 min.

Slice each rib and serve.

LITERALLY, so easy...right?

We serve ours with corn on the cob, citrus slaw, baked potatoes and salad.

***Harold's Pro Tip: You must have a cold beverage in hand while grilling.


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