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Edible Art By Stefanie

This is a review I've been looking forward to writing for many reasons. First, I can't bake for $&*%, so when I see someone as good at it as this lady...I have to tell people because it just amazes me. Not only are her cakes, cookies and other baked goods DELICIOUS, they are the prettiest and most creative pieces I have ever seen.

Second, I've known this gal for YEARS and I've trusted her with pretty much every important occasion in my life.

She can do it all. Your kid want a Fortnite cake....She's got ya covered. Holiday cookies? She does them all. From unicorn cakes to Pokemon cake pops and YES even wedding cakes...There's nothing she can't do. She even did this amazing Millennium Falcon cake that would blow your mind.

You want some romantic cookies for a bridal shower? She does it. (In fact, she made the MOST gorgeous cookies for my wedding shower that I almost didn't want to eat them.) Your baby has a first birthday and you want a smash cake? Yup...she does that too. ( She also did my son's first birthday cake, cake pops and smash cake). As you can see I trust her IMMENSELY with just about everything in my life from weddings to babies and beyond.

Her name is Stefanie and she is basically a one man operation (with the help of her wife Leeza) all while being a full time mom to a sweet one year old boy. She really is superwoman with creative mind that will just impress you like no other.

I honestly do not have enough good things to say about this lady's work.

Stefanie has been baking for YEARS and is professionally trained and can cook just about anyone under the table, but her specialty is baking.

She does custom orders on cakes, cookies, cake pops and more. If you have an imagination...she can do it.

You'll be afraid to eat her creations for fear of ruining their beauty, but after you take a'll be glad you did.

So the next time your kid has a Minecraft theme birthday party, or you're the host of your best friends baby shower, or maybe you just want some amazing cookies to give to a friend...don't go to your grocery store and get a generic cake... visit and shoot her a message.

She is one of the best around and I just know one day soon...people will be saying " I got a custom cake by Stafanie".

My name is Jill...and I love wine. (Especially with cake)

Overall Rating:

5 out of 5 wine glasses



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